About Winkel Lawn Care

I am Andrew Winkel, owner of Winkel Lawn Care.  Winkel Lawn Care and Landscaping (1.0) was officially started in 1998 by my older brother, Jay Winkel of Morton, IL.  When he first started the business, our Grandma drove us around, from yard to yard, pulling the trailer for us.  Jay stayed in the business until 2011.  After taking a short break away from the business, I decided to reinvent the business as Winkel Lawn Care (2.0) in 2013, planning to provide quality services to the Morton area.  Jay will be working with me, lending his expertise from his years of doing business in the lawn care industry. 

 As Winkel Lawn Care (2.0), we have fast-forwarded to the 21st century.   We are offering a complete online experience for our customers.  You can receive your invoices and make payments online.  You have a choice of different billing and payment options.  You will be able to choose from a variety of services/programs. 

We offer a wide range of services, including:  mowing, fertilizer applications, broadleaf weed control,  core aeration,  landscape maintenance, spring and fall cleanups, and snow removal. 

 Both Jay and I are licensed by the Illinois Department of Agriculture as fertilizer applicators.