All of our lawns are blade edged and string trimmed.  We use a blade edger on all curbs, drives and sidewalks to give that clean cut straight line appearance.  We also offer the option of walk behind mower use instead of zero turn.  All lawns mowed with walk behind mower are done one of 4 directions with the direction being different with every mowing.  Mower height is to be determined by the client.  

Spring and Fall Core Aeration:



Properly fertilized turf maintains good color and density and grows rapidly enough to discourage weeds and diseases.   We use slow release forms of nitrogen fertilizer to produce a more uniform growth over a longer time period.  

The six applications are as follows:

  1. Crabgrass / Fertilizer Prevention
  2. Weed and Feed Application
  3. Fertilizer Application
  4. Weed and Feed Application
  5. Fertilizer Application
  6. Winterizer Application

This is the method of turf cultivation in which soil cores are removed by hollow tines or spoons to control soil compaction and aid in the penetration and distribution of pesticides.  This is a great service to include with purchase of our Fertilization and weed control yearly program.

Fertilization and Weed Control Application Package:

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